Our Terms

  1. How to Book: 

Bookings can be made by completing the contact form on the webpage, by telephone or by email. Bookings via our contact form and email require an email confirmation from Tärnay Trail before the booking is confirmed and binding. These Terms and Conditions apply to all confirmed bookings. 

  1. Booking and Payments: 

Confirmation of booking is binding and cannot be cancelled unless otherwise permitted by Tärnaby Trail’s Terms and Conditions. Payment should be made in full within 14 days after Tärnaby Trail has confirmed the booking and sent payment information. Payment can be made by Swish or by invoice. If for any reason you are injured or unable to attend you should contact your home or travel insurance company.

  1. Covid-19 Cancellation and Rebooking Policy (Valid July – August 2020)

For camps in July and August 2020, we are providing a 90% refund to participants that are experiencing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. No doctor’s note is required. To request a refund contact us before 16:00 the day before your scheduled camp begins. 

Participants experiencing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus may rebook another date at no additional cost if space is available. Contact us before 16:00 on the day before your scheduled camp to discuss rebooking options. 

  1. Insurance 

Tärnaby Trail does not provide insurance for participants. Täranaby Trail recommends that you obtain insurance that covers your purchase in case of injury as Täranby Traill cannot make refunds for injuries. 

  1. Transfer 

Täranaby Trail, at its discretion, will allow a participant to transfer the purchased camp to another person, provided that transferee meets the requirements to participate. The participant wishing to transfer their purchase must contact Tärnaby Trail 14 days prior to the camp and notify us of the intended transfer and transferee’s information. 

  1. Participation  

All participants take part in the camp at their own risk with and with a full understanding of the nature of the activity offered by Tärnaby Trail. It is the participant’s responsibility to check with a doctor to see that they are able to participate in the described activity. Tärnaby Trail is not responsible for any injuries a participant incurs during the camp. Tärnaby Trail will not accept any financial responsibility or penalties resulting from an injury occurred during a camp. Participants are responsible for obtaining insurance if they wished to be covered for any injuries occurring during the camp. 

All participants are responsible to carry required equipment, when necessary, during the camp. Participants are responsible for following the instructions given by the guide and respect the rules of the camp. Participants must follow all laws and regulations, including those of any nature reservation. Any participant that leaves the camp must inform the guide and Tärnaby Trail immediately ceases to take further responsibility for the participant. 

Tärnaby trail reserves the right to remove a participant from the camp (or request they not participate on a particular day) due to an inability to meet the basic physical requirements as described in the FAQ section for that particular camp, for not following instructions of the guides, disturbing or harassing wildlife or reindeer, or other circumstances that create an unsafe conditions. Tärnaby Trail is not responsible for any damage nor required to refund any payment as a result of such removal.

  1. Age

The minimum age for the camp is 18 years of age. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis, any exceptions granted require written permission from the parent/guardian of the participant under 18 years of age. 

  1. Canceled Camp

If Täranaby Trail is forced to cancel the trip, for example due to too few registered participants, the entire payment will be refunded. The participant is not entitled to 

any other compensation. 

  1. Canceled Activity 

External circumstances such as bad weather or unsafe conditions may require the activities to be changed, rescheduled or cancelled. In such circumstances, Tärnaby Trail will make adjustments to provide a suitable alternative activity. Tärnaby Trail cannot provide refunds due to weather. We reserve the right to change guides and programming.  

  1. Complaints

A participant who has a complaint regarding the camp must make such complaints during the camp to a guide or immediately after the end of the camp. Comments can be made to a guide from Tärnaby Trail on site or by e-mail at mike@tarnabytrail.com

  1. Disputes

Any disputes arising should first be attempted to be settled through negotiation in good faith. Any claim of law or legal proceeding shall be adjudicated under Swedish law and at Västerbotten Län, Sweden. 

  1.  GDPR 

By accepting our terms and conditions, you also consent to the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).