Dates for the Camp

14 July to 18 July, 2021

21 July to 25 July, 2021

Day 1

Arrival and check-in Wednesday afternoon. Get settled and grab a light snack. Camp welcome begins at 17:00 where we will discuss the week, set goals, cover basics like “leave no trace” and get to know each other. After introductions it’s off to our first run which will be a gentle warm-up to the week.

Day 2

Every morning begins with a mental focus session where we will blend meditation and sports visualisation technique to bring focus to the days run. Thursday’s run will be a medium distance on mild terrain. We want to start thinking about running form, foot placement and breathing.

We will return to camp at lunch time to eat and recover before we begin our development session on running form and safety on the trail. Then it’s time to unwind at the end of the day with our evening yoga session.

Day 3

Starts with mental focus in the morning and includes a longer distance run. This longer run will test our endurance and mental toughness, and place more focus on our nutritional requirements. After our run it’s back for lunch and recovery and then discuss uphill and downhill technique, stride and map skills at our development session. We end the evening with yoga and take some time to listen to our bodies to see how we feel going into the last two days.

Day 4

The day starts as normal with our morning focus session. We have the option to test our vertical running ability or take some time to recover. Those who want to have a rest day can hike the planned route at an easy pace or stay at camp and work on body care.

The route we have planned is a shorter run, but with lots of elevation gain. This is our chance to test our ability to maintain pace and learn when a fast hike is more efficient than a slow run. On the way back we will practice downhill running technique.

After our vertical challenge we will look for a place to take a swim. Then it’s back to camp for lunch. Our development session on conditioning and strength training starts in the afternoon. Participants will have the chance to put the weeks skills to the test and plan the group’s final run. We will finish the evening with yoga.

Day 5

The last day of camp we will start earlier. The goal is for the participants to plan a run for the group that takes into account distance, elevation, time and weather. After the run we will come back to camp to reflect over the week’s activities and say farewell. We plan to finish at 13:00.

*The schedule above is subject to change dependent on the weather and other factors. We may also adjust which days we cover certain development topics, but the overall content will stay the same.