Food & Accommodation

Accommodation & Food Packages

Tärnaby Trail has partnered with Täranby Fjällhotell to provide accommodation options that include hotel, apartment and hostel living and food options as well. Please follow the link below to read more about the available packages.


Participants are responsible for food both on and off the trail. We recommend a light breakfast and easily digestible snacks out on the trail (about 200-300 calories per hour running). Energy gels and gummies work great, but so do raisins, honey, and fruit tape! Save your bigger meals for lunch and dinner.

Some accommodations include access to a kitchen, giving participants the choice to cook their own food and prepare trail snacks. For those looking for prepared meals, there are options for that as well. Check out the food and accommodation packages above with the Tärnaby Fjällhotell.

Grocery Stores

Coop Konsum is located in the center of Tärnaby and 2 km from Tärnaby Fjällhotell. ICA Hemavan is located approximately 20km away from Tärnaby. Both stores have a good selection, and ICA in Hemavan is slightly larger.